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CHALFONTALIVE.COM serves Chalfont and New Britain Township and Borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA). The Chalfont Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Chalfont contains many American colonial and Victorian-style houses.Whether you live, work, play, vacation, or shop in Chalfont, New Britain, Central Bucks County, or surrounding areas, check out our comprehensive directories to area businesses, restaurants, music venues, and much more. Looking for something to do? Our events calendar is always buzzing with thousands of events in and around Bucks County! As you explore what Central Bucks County has to offer, let be your guide. Read More

The Lenni Lenape were the original inhabitants of what is now Chalfont. After a treaty in 1683, a treaty between the Lenni Lenape and William Penn ceded the land to the Free Society of Traders. In 1720, Simon Butler bought the village of Chalfont. After building his home and mill, he purchased another 400 more acres, becoming a major legal and economic powerhouse in the area. After his death and until 1901, Chalfont had severa; names: Butler's Mill, Kungle's Tavern, Barndtsville, and Whitehallville. The most important building was the tavern and public house, rebuilt as Borghi's Restaurant. A train-station was built which expanded the community grow and led to the construction of the many Victorian houses.

Forest park, established in 1886 grew from a small picnic ground to an amusement park, thanks to the railroad station, including rides, a large swimming pool, concerts, and a convenient location for company picnics. The park closed in 1968 because of unruly crowds.

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