Lower Makefield Township Farmers Market to Hold Its Ever-Popular Zucchini Races
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Lower Makefield Township Farmers Market to Hold Its Ever-Popular Zucchini Races
Thursday, August 13

Back by popular demand – Zucchini Races!  Don’t miss the excitement.  Better yet, enter!

Zucchini Races are just that – you race your “race car” zucchini.  If you’re still not sure, search “zucchini races Lower Makefield” on YouTube to view a brief video from a past race.

To enter a “car”, you must come prepared to race.  To create your speedy masterpiece, you should:

  1.     Choose the perfect zucchini (any size).
  2.     Poke two dowels (or however many you choose) through the zucchini to create the axles. Toothpicks and wooden skewers work well.
  3.     Attach a wheel to each axle. Use wheels from an old toy car or make your own out of any material (even more zucchini)!
  4.     Personalize your race car with decorations if you’d like.  There will be a prize for Best Decorated.  
  5.     Get ready to showcase your zucchini on a special race track at the farmer’s market!

The rules of the competition are simple:

  1.     Must use a real zucchini (any size)!
  2.     Wheels can be made out of any material.
  3.     No motor cars or remote controls.

Prizes will be awarded to the Winner of the race, as well as the Best Decorated Zucchini.

Race check-in begins at 5:15 with races beginning at 5:30.  Depending on the number of participants, the races will be run in heats with the winners of the heats racing in a final heat to determine the overall winner.

The Market runs from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Veterans Square which is located on the corner of Heacock and Edgewood Roads in Lower Makefield Township in the park surrounding the newly-dedicated Veterans Square Monument.  Questions?? Contact Deirdre Cloughley at lmtfarmersmarket@gmail.com or 267-307-3728 or visit http://www.lmtfarmersmarket.com/.