Successful Sales and Marketing Strategies/Tactics for Small Business Workshop - June 13
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Successful Sales and Marketing Strategies/Tactics for Small Business Workshop - June 13
Get more "Bang" for your Sales and Marketing "Buck"
Author: SCORE Bucks County

Workshop Goal:

Without sales, a business will not succeed.  This basic precept of business is easy to say, not so easy to do, effectively.

In today’s modern world, the startup or small business owner/manager is bombarded with traditional and new marketing channel options, such as:  press releases, paid print and electronic advertising, paper mailings, postcard mailings, Website, email campaigns, all types of social media (Facebook, Google, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more), radio, tv, blogs, etc.  

Which of these marketing channel options are best for your business now and in the future?  Which options will best target your market and bring these prospects to your attention, so that your sales process can close the sale?  And, what tools and skills are needed to close the sales of the people who respond to your marketing efforts?

These are but some of the questions that today’s business person must answer - and these questions are the foundation for the development of this SCORE Workshop.

This workshop is designed for MAXIMUM interaction between you and the seasoned experts - so that you can walk away with more clarity on how to best proceed towards your business success.

Join these experts:

  • SBA - Small Business Adminstration
  • The Walsh Group - Sales and Marketing Experts
  • - Google, SEO and Social Media Experts
  • Caramanico Maguire Associates, Inc. - Professional Sales Experts
  • [90] Day Pro - Facebook and Social Media Experts
  • Social Sales Link - LinkedIn and Social Media Experts
  • Constant Contact - Email Experts
  • Network Now - Social Media Experts
  • Your Social Media Hour - Social Media Experts

NOTE 1:  SCORE is a not for profit organization.  The $25 cost is to cover the out of pocket expenses of lunch and refreshments.

NOTE 2:  Students (FREE) - Use Promo Code: STUDENT    
(you will be asked to show your Student ID at the Registration Desk)


At the end of the workshop, you are invited to schedule a FREE SCORE Counseling Session - to continue your Sales and Marketing planning and implementation process.

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