Local Philadelphia Organization Donating K9 Dogs Around the Country
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Local Philadelphia Organization Donating K9 Dogs Around the Country
Throw Away Dogs Project

Sponsor: Throw Away Dogs Project
Author: Carol Skaziak, 267-307-4686, Throwawaydogscarol@gmail.com

The local Philadelphia based Non Profit Organization Throw Away Dogs Project has been hitting the country by storm this past year. The Organization turns rescue dogs into working K9 Police dogs then donates them to Police Departments around the nation that cannot afford a K9 dog. Just recently the founder attended a graduation of 2 of her K9 dogs in Roanoke Virginia. What makes one of these dogs very special is she was a stray dog and founder Carol Skaziak transformed her into a working dog and named her "Rousey" after MMA fighter Ronda Rousey. This was a very special dog and has been getting major media attention.

K9's DONATED & placed:

K9 Lieben (aka Roxy) Maryland DOC 201 

K9 Trevor (German Shepherd/Malinois) JUNE 2015

K9 Macey (German Shepherd) York County Maine - DECEMBER 2015

K9 King (German Shepherd) Stryker Ohio - JANUARY 2016

K9 Sonji (German Shepherd) Paris Arkansas - JANUARY 2016

K9 Kayos (Malinois) Roanoke Virginia - JANUARY 2016

K9 Robbie (Malinois) Lewiston Maine - JANUARY 2016

K9 Aurik (German Shepherd/Malinois) Trenton NJ - MARCH 2016

K9 Sting (Malinois~ fully imprinted on Explosives already)  - APRIL 2016

The Throw Away Dogs Project, a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization, two founders, Carol Skaziak and Jason Walters. Since both founders come from a police background, and one is a K9 handler, the desire and passion to save high driven dogs and turn them into Police K9 working dogs seemed a natural fit. Our mission is to rescue those high driven dogs, train them and then DONATE them to K9 Departments around the region that cannot afford one. Save a life, save a department money and help the community. Our goal one day is to be known around the country and be able to res…cue, train and transport these dogs all over the map. We are very passionate about what we do, how we do it and will follow through with every dog from start to finish. Not all dogs will make it through K9 school. We will then find a perfect loving family for that dog that will love and treat them like part of their family. It’s just a different kind of badge they will be wearing.

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