Sacred Art Tour of Tibetan Monks
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Sacred Art Tour of Tibetan Monks
Monks from the Gomang Drepung Monastery Joining Yoga Tree at the Pennridge Wellness Center in Blooming Glen, PA

Sponsor: Yoga Tree at the Pennridge Wellness Center

Yoga Tree PWC in Blooming Glen, PA is excited and honored to announce having the pleasure to host 9 Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery on their Annual Sacred Art Tour.   They will be blessing us with their wisdom and energy from June 13th through June 18th.   During that time they will create a large beautiful sand mandala and share Tibetan Crafts crafted by their fellow monks that will be on display for purchase.  All sales of their crafts and any donations are graciously appreciated and will go toward the monk’s monastic work with the poor, hungry and infirm.

The purpose of the Sacred Art Tour is to share and preserve Tibetan culture, which overflows with spiritually artistic expression. The monks bring teachings of ancient ways and beliefs that do, even now, create the possibility of global peace, non-violent conflict resolution, compassion and wisdom with their sacred traditions through living art, ritual, dance and prayer. This tour lets us experience, now, a future that is without violence; with worldwide compassion and full of the wisdom of open hearts that places the highest appreciation on the value of our ever connected differences.

The monks have performed at Carnegie Hall, taught at Rutgers, Harvard LaSalle, Universities of: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Community Colleges, Public Libraries in Ohio, California, the Fine Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Methodist, Catholic, Episcopalian and many other homes to worship. All donations support the monks’ ability to educate, feed, house, and care for about 2000 monks living in a Tibetan Refugee camp of about 16,000 people in South India.

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