Warminster's Special Hockey Team Makes Top 10 in National Video Contest
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Warminster's Special Hockey Team Makes Top 10 in National Video Contest
They Need the Community's Support!
Author: Linda Fisher / lfisher@uct.org / 800.848.0123 x130

The UCT Gives Back to Special Hockey video contest for special hockey teams is into its third week of the voting phase to win $10,000 with over 28,000 votes tallied so far! The top 10 special hockey team finalists are all part of the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA). Warminster’s Buck County Admirals team has made it into the top 10 – and they need the community’s support! 

The UCT Gives Back video contest is an online contest to help promote special hockey in North America. The contest was open to all special hockey programs in North America, with the top 10 videos making it into the final voting phase. Each team was required to create a short video up to 2 ½ minutes long explaining how the $10,000 would help their program. The top 10 videos are posted on the UCT Facebook page for voting, and the video receiving the most votes will win $10,000. The video with the second most votes will receive a second place prize of $5,000. Voting will end on Dec. 4, 2015. You can vote at www.facebook.com/UCTinAction.

UCT, a non-profit membership organization with a focus on community service, is based in Columbus, Ohio, and is a longtime supporter of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A partnership was formed in January 2010 between UCT and ASHA, and UCT is helping to promote special hockey nationally.

UCT has been helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 60 years. Members support schools, workshops, camps and other programs that benefit those with disabilities. UCT also supports Special Olympics and the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) and awards scholarships to college students who wish to teach special education. UCT also helps through the UCT Gives Back video contest. In the past UCT has given $25,000 to three deserving schools through UCT Gives Back.

ASHA is a volunteer-driven association created especially to benefit hockey players with developmental disabilities. Some of the most common of these disabilities as autism, traumatic brain injury, Down syndrome, Tourette syndrome, cerebral palsy and ADD/ADHD. There are currently over 50 ASHA programs in more than 30 cities through­out the U.S.

About UCT

UCT is a non-profit membership organization with nearly 55,000 members throughout North America. Members support ASHA through such volunteer efforts as sponsoring ice time for games and practices, hosting post-practice lunches, helping sponsor tournaments and camps, and holding fundraisers to help teams with travel costs and purchasing necessary equipment. ASHA parents are getting involved in the fundraising and support of their local ASHA teams by becoming UCT members and creating new UCT councils. Visit www.uct.org or www.facebook.com/UCTinAction to learn more.

About ASHA

Created in 2000 for players with develop­mental disa­bilities, the Amer­ican Special Hockey Assoc­iation (ASHA) gives people of all ages and abilities a chance to learn and grow by playing hockey. There are currently more than 50 special hockey teams with over 1,500 athletes throughout the U.S. For more information, visit www.americanspecialhockey.org. Follow special hockey on Facebook at www.facebook.com/specialhockey and on Twitter at @specialhockey.

About Buck County Admirals Special Hockey Team

Located in Warminster, the Bucks County Admirals started in 2007 with 13 players and have now grown to a roster of over 30 players ranging in age from 5-25. They have a great group of coaches as well as a wonderful supporting cast of student coaches who show up every week to teach the players the great game of hockey. The team looks forward every year to traveling to some new location to compete and meet other special hockey players who love the sport of hockey. For more information contact Brian Damiani at brian@simplifiedlogistics.com and visit http://bcsn1.org/.