Local Actor Develops Theatre Program at The Confucius Institute in China
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Local Actor Develops Theatre Program at The Confucius Institute in China
Gorman John Ruggiero develops curricula, acts and writes plays in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Qing Dao, Qu Fu and Shenyang, China
Author: Tasia Mullock, World Theatre of Children

Gorman John Ruggiero, Founder of the World Theatre of Children, a nonprofit organization in Bucks County, PA, has spent most of his 2016 summer acting in the musical Tarzan, and developing curricula and teaching acting programs to children in China. He is working with Lion Entertainment, a production company based in Beijing, and has written several new plays for them. Ruggiero has trained child actors for over 30 years and spent much of his career developing theatre programs for children with Autism as well.

In the city of Qu Fu, home of the famous philosopher Confucius, Ruggiero wrote and directed two short plays for children ages 4-12 at The Confucius Institute, a place where original Chinese culture is being studied and practiced with organic farms and a chemical free environment.

In Beijing and the other cities, Ruggiero plays the part of Porter, Jane’s father in Tarzan, the musical. The cast is comprised of Chinese and American performers and both English and Mandarin are used in the dialogue. Translations into Mandarin appear on marquees on each side of the stage. Ruggiero has even picked up a little of the Mandarin language.

When Gorman returns to the United States he will set the foundations for the World Theatre of Children summer theatre training camp, where Chinese and American children can experience each other’s culture and language, and receive training in Acting, Dance, and Music.

To experience the excitement of World Theatre of Children with Gorman John Ruggiero in China, visit us on Facebook.

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