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Paul Grecian

Paul Grecian Photography
Quakertown, PA       215-529-9882       Website       Email

As a visual artist, I create images as an expression of the fulfillment and spiritual grounding I gain from nature. From the evolving light of an ocean sunrise, the serenity of a mountain vista, or the solitude of a quiet woodland, I find rejuvenation and a sense of connection. The challenge for me then is to communicate these feelings in a two-dimensional, static, visual medium. It is a totally absorbing and meditative process, requiring great introspection. With simplicity and clarity as compositional goals, I strive to create finely-crafted, well-conceived images that will pull the viewer toward the vision I hope to share.

In creating visual expressions of my feelings and experiences, the images take on a variety of looks. Sometimes, it is the detail within the subject that draws me to exploration. Other times, it is the simplicity of shape and form, or some evocative color or light that I find inspiring. I enjoy abstraction and realism equally, and find the space within a dew drop as wonderful as a wide expanse of landscape.

My inspiration for new images comes in the natural places that I think of as my own. We all have these natural oases where we find comfort and separation from the daily needs of living. These are the places where a true appreciation for nature, the world, and life are seeded. Growing up in Philadelphia, I searched for such places and have continued to search and find new ones throughout southeastern and central Pennsylvania. I travel beyond Pennsylvania little, but when I do, it is solely to east coast locations. In addition to Pennsylvania, I exhibit images I have made in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont and New Hampshire.

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